Hi Jerry, I wasn't able to edit the LyX wiki - the Mac page is protected with a password other than LyX.

To answer your question, the -n pageno selects the page from the source PDF such that it can be rendered to a target (probably not a PDF). In this way you can grab page 22 from your favorite PDF and create a PNG thumbnail of it.

I just released 1.2 which adds support for PDF as a target. As a target it currently allows only one page. The target support is also nice for LyX because now I can add these preference lines,

   \converter "ps" "png" "transmute -i $$i $$o" ""
   \converter "eps" "png" "transmute -i $$i $$o" ""
   \converter "pdf" "png" "transmute -i $$i $$o" ""
   \converter "eps" "pdf6" "transmute -i $$i $$o" ""

and now it uses transmute for the eps to pdf conversion (for pdflatex, etc.) and not epstopdf which depends on ghostscript. This has only been tested on the book I'm working on so I would appreciate testing/feedback by any other Mac users interested in going ghostscript free.

The LyX example is also provided in the transmute README,



On 2014-05-30 03:37:32 +0000, Jerry said:

James, I haven't tried this but it looks awesomely awesome. Would you mind making a note on the LyX wiki about it? And maybe an indication, if not already present, how to install without brew, e.g., put in /some/path for those who don't know this.

And maybe you can help my confusion. PDF is listed as source-file only but the note about -n pageno sort of indicates that pageno can be applied to rendered PDFs. I'm probably misreading something.


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