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Lyx Version 2.0.6

I wanted to put a horizontal line and beneath it a custom footer, that
has the three elements:

\lfoot - \cfoot - \rfoot

So that I can place three different names and address details onto the
first page of the document.

I have googled and I have read custom header and footer documents as
well as .pdf files that tell me a great deal about headers and footers
and even used a footer file that was from the wrong KOMA script or
something and was chastised for attempting to use it by LyX.

Looked through my DIN.lco and every place possible where tweak might
be made. I never realised there were so many LaTeX sites that had
something about footnotes on them.

After futie attempts have had a million error messages and openings that
conflicted when I used "fancy" instead of default, and on and on.

Tried longtable and multirow, footnotesize and just about everything
that was suggested in all my readings with different parameters and I
have given it best. So I am here again.

The one thing I haven't done, is create my own template to do what I
want rather than use the letter template. In the past I used a template
I made myself, but it was just created from a KOMA article template, and
I think when I discovered the letter template I liked it better? But
can only imagine that's why I changed. Why else?

Anyway it's done my head in, and I realise it's laziness in a way
because eventually, maybe a year from now I'll read something that puts
it all together and I'll be able to do it. Or maybe never and accept
living without it.

But if someone can help me in this it would be truly great.

It's just stubbornness that makes me want to use the template like
this, and a certain amount of ire that I can't find where this type of
footnote for a letter, is documented. Because it's a very popular way to
create a letter. With something like manager, assistant manager and
office address, or president, secretary and treasurer, or similar
and their contact details in the footer of a letter?

It's probably somewhere I have just not thought to look, or under a
heading I haven' associated with a letter.

Thanks in advance,
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