Hi John,

A couple of things. First, you have included the knitr and
short-inset-names modules in the document, which as far as I can tell are
not used for this minimal example. I removed them since I'm not yet set up
to work with those. This shouldn't cause any problems, but I thought I'd
mention it in case.

As a disclaimer, I am not exactly sure what I'm doing, but when I opened up
the apa.cls file and searched for paragraph and subparagraph, I found:
    {0\baselineskip \@plus 0.2ex \@minus 0.2ex}%

    {0\baselineskip \@plus 0.2ex \@minus 0.2ex}%


The thing is, with the document you sent, the paragraph part is working,
but the subparagraph part is not. So, if we use a little trial-and-error to
put them together, I end up with the following, which seems to work if you
paste it into your preamble (under Document->Settings->LaTeX Preamble).


{0\baselineskip \@plus 0.2ex \@minus 0.2ex}%



As a disclaimer, I'm not actually sure what I've done there, and it could
break something else, but it seems to work for me...maybe somebody who
understands things better can provide more insight. I hope this helps.


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