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> Le 24/06/2014 16:20, Jean-Marie Pacquet a écrit :
> > [...] It won't be very difficult to add a center column.
> >
> If you have a 2.9x version of KomaScript (like me) the following 
> modified example will do what you want. If your version is > 3.x you 
> should replace the first line "\firstfoot{%" with 
> "\setkomavar{firstfoot}{%".
> All this has to be inserted in your .lco parameter file.
> % Define a new letter foot
> \firstfoot{%
>    \parbox[t]{\textwidth}{\footnotesize
>      \rule{\linewidth}{2pt}
>      \begin{tabular}[t]{l@{}}%
>        \multicolumn{1}{@{}l@{}}{Partners:}\\
>        Jim Smith\\
>        Russ Mayer
>      \end{tabular}%
>      \hfill
>      \begin{tabular}[t]{l@{}}%
>        \multicolumn{1}{@{}l@{}}{Banks:}\\
>        Citigroup\\
>        Deutsche Bank
>      \end{tabular}%
>      \hfill
>      \begin{tabular}[t]{l@{}}%
>        \multicolumn{1}{@{}l@{}}{Manager:}\\
>        Jane Fonda\\[1ex]
>        \multicolumn{1}{@{}l@{}}{Court Of Jurisdiction:}\\
>        Great Plains
>      \end{tabular}%
>      \ifkomavarempty{frombank}{}{%
>        \hfill
>        \begin{tabular}[t]{l@{}}%
>          \multicolumn{1}{@{}l@{}}{\usekomavar*{frombank}:}\\
>          \usekomavar{frombank}
>        \end{tabular}%
>      }%
>    }%
> }
> Cheers

Thank you Jean-Marie,

The first example you pointed me to on page 178 works, and I was working
on tweaking it, and then I saw you had sent this email, which works

I feel like such an idiot. My only excuse is that I had looked on the
net and through other documentation that I didn't fine that reference
in the scrguien.pdf.

It's not unusual for me to go the hard way first.

I did look through the scrguien.pdf that you have directed me to in the
past and I've got in my LyX information file, but maybe I was already
overloaded with footnote information? I really have no excuse.

Anyway, as ever, and as previously thank you for your help and taking
the time to create the result. It's much appreciated and works
a treat.

Thank you once again.

Stay well,

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