On 07/04/2014 04:02 PM, R. H. van der Gaag wrote:
Dear Lyx’ers,
My PhD thesis will contain lots of text in medieval Dutch. This means that 
spell checking becomes a problem. There is a very old feature request for a 
text style “no spell-check”, or something similar, that would enable users to 
have portions of the text skipped when spell-checking. As far as I’m aware, no 
work is being done to write code for such a feature, and I myself unfortunately 
am unable to do. But perhaps one of you has been in a similar predicament, and 
has found a work-around? If so I’d be happy to hear about it.

I believe this is very easy. Put the following into Local Layout (for LyX 2.1.x):


Format 49

InsetLayout NoSpellCheck
LyXType charstyle
SpellCheck 0

Style NoCheckSpell
CopyStyle Standard
SpellCheck 0


The latter works for whole paragraphs, and you could do "CopyStyle Quotation" if you had long quotes.


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