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> Will Parsons wrote:
>> In a document I'm writing, I would like to print the date of the last
>> edit in the title page.  I've discovered [Insert => Date], which looks
>> like it might be what I want (does it update when I save the document
>> again?), but the format is "07/16/14", which is a common format for
>> North America (which is where I am), but I would prefer a different
>> format, preferably "14 June 2014", or even the ISO standard
>> "2014-07-14", but I can't figure out how to adjust this.  Is this
>> configurable via LyX, or do I have to do some LaTeX magic?
> Of course, what I meant was '"16 June 2014", or even the ISO standard
> "2014-07-16"', (which I guess illustrates that even *I* find the
> format "07/16/14" confusing, used to it though I am...

Hi Will, you can do this with Insert > File > External Material.
It is not intuitive at all (what does a data have to do with inserting
a file?), but it is done that way because it was easy to implement. In
the dialog, you don't have to choose a file. Just change "Template" to
"Date". Note that the implementation of this is just a plain text
file, so if you want to modify it to your preferences, you don't need
to recompile LyX. Take a look at lib/external_templates and the
converter for date. See Help > Customization for more information.

Using LaTeX in ERT is another option and might be more robust in my opinion.


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