Am 05.10.2014 um 21:47 schrieb Tino Langer <>:

> Hi all,
> I just installed lyx 2.1.2 on OSX 10.9.5, using MacTeX in background. 
> I’m a little bit confused because the font in the editor area and also the 
> icons at the toolbar are very blurred. Are there any options I have to change 
> to get antialiased fonts and clear icons?
> Thanks a lot! - Tino

Hi Tino,

you're using a display with very high resolution, the so called Retina-display.
LyX isn't ready to display the contents of the work area and the icons on
a Mac with Retina display.  So, no, there is no option to enable the display
with full screen resolution on your Mac.  You have to wait for a new version
of LyX.


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