Dear all,

Some users have complained that they can't extract the file on Windows with a GUI app. So I am doing what I can to solve the problem.

I have prepared a couple patches and have uploaded them to

  - A patch adding lzip extract support to 7zip.
  - A patch adding lzip extract support to easy7zip.
  - The patched 7zip source ready to be compiled.
  - The patched easy7zip source ready to be compiled.
  - A precompiled version of 7zip with lzip support.

Could someone help me to compile lzip extract support into 7zip or easy7zip? Thanks.

I do not have access to a windows machine with a compiler. I have compiled a similar patch for p7zip and a friend has managed to compile the patch for 7zip, but the result lacks an installer and needs VCRUNTIME140.dll to run. (It seems it is not easy to compile 7zip). The patch for easy7zip has not been tried.

If someone can compile one of these two patches in a way that allows Windows users easily install and/or use the result, I'll upload it to the lzip ftp and mention it in the lzip home page. Of course this will be temporary, until some free Windows app implements lzip support. (It seems that several non-free Windows apps already implement lzip support).

Thanks in advance,

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