I've been working on a new ROM for my NEC for about a year now and I'm just about ready to release it. I took the Sardine ROM and TS-DOS ROM and figured out how to merge them into one. It required me to move 33 bytes of code from Sardine higher up into the ROM area, removal of the internal 7k word dictionary and then adding TS-DOS. I had to change some of the jumps in TS-DOS to match the OptROM code that switches back and forth to the regular system ROM but everything is working really well now. The two outstanding issues are to get rid of the Sardine prompt that asks if you want to spell check with the Rom or Disk and the T-Word indicator that checks to see if DOS is loaded. Right now it is looking for the RAM hooks not the ROM hooks. Once I have these two items ironed out I'll post it.


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