Just to let everybody know, I have uploaded a new version of mComm to the 
members file area. The TPDD side of the program is unchanged. Added to this 
version of a button that starts a virtual modem service. So your classic AT 
commands will work do 'dial' a Telnet server. SSL connections are supported 
with ATDS instead of ATDT. The manual will explain how to make those 
connections. SSL allows you to connect directly to an email server. I went 
through the slow process of entering each line of an SMTP session and was able 
to send an email directly from my Model-T but a BASIC program would be a much 
better way of doing it. I may make some timing changes as I do more work with 
it. The small serial buffer of the Model-T is a pain. Even though the buffer is 
256 bytes in size, TELCOM sends the XON/XOFF commands when the buffer is only 
slightly full, so I have had to block the sending of the data in small packets 
and check for XOFF.


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