Not in my case, Bruce: I have a MacBook Air which runs 12 plus hours on a battery charge, runs OS X and Windows, and has a great keyboard which is backlit.

So my 102 is also available: Just too much gear from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndome) and my wife is wanting to move into smaller quarters. I'm in California and will not ship outside the US.

My last major use of the M102 was 3-4 years ago, when I replaced the backup battery. It is in "like new" condition, as it was when I got it from Rick 20 years ago.


On 12/1/16 9:11 AM, Bruce H McIntosh wrote:
I'd be tempted to tell you to hang onto the 102. I find my 102 very handy for taking notes, writing stuff, and logging during contests, Field Day, etc. Nothing out there can touch the battery life, and the fullsize keyboard is very nice to type on.

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