I haven't given up on the M.U.D. server. I managed to get Smaug loaded 
onto my Win7 machine, really easily.

Right now all it does is allowed the admin to access the M.U.D. locally. 
I still need to (re)learn how to make my own areas/mobs/etc. I figured 
it out once, long ago, I'm sure I can figure it out again.

Before I send it public, I need to find a Linux version and put together 
an old Pentium 4 system from parts I have, to run it on, as well as set 
up a DynDNS account so people can access it. I can't keep it on my main 
machine(s) because I sometimes use a VPN for certain internet functions, 
plus they're prone to frequent (intentional) reboots.

The problem I'm working on now is sorting out where/how to set up the 
termcap to be suitable for the Model T (It's been years since I even 
messed with Linux). I have to figure out if I'm supposed to set it up in 
Linux, or if there's a function or configuration within Smaug I'm going 
to need to set. For that matter, if I were to run the server under 
Windows, how would I set a termcap for the Model T there? I'll figure 
all this out eventually, as I have time. I may also eventually write a 
MUD client for the Model T, if nobody else beats me to it (hint hint).

I just wanted to let people know that I'm still working on a Model T 
compliant MUD in my spare time.

Yeah, you can picture me blushing at my ignorance on display.

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