Hi folks.
Days ago talking about the good old times with a friend of mine, he who in 
those years owned a Olivetti M10 MODEM told me that he often downloaded the 
images of the 10 most wanted issued by the FBI and could see them on the screen 
or print them on paper.
The matter made me curious, so I started some research from which I learned 
that Tandy 100/102/200, C=64, Atari, Apple and so on were able to do the same.
I didn't find anything explicitly related to the NEC PC-8201A that I own from 
those same years, but I'm pretty confident that it too can do the same job as 
I found the service that allowed all this was called VidTex and the format of 
the images was RLE (Run-Length Encoding).
Starting from this I found some software for the Tandy 100/102/200 that support 
the RLE graphic format allowing to view the images on the LCD or print them on 
I also found some sample pictures, but sadly none of them represents an FBI 
notice for 10 most wanted or missing people.
I think I know how they should appear, as I found an example on the magazine 
"The Transactor" May 1987: Volume 7, Issue 06, page 18, but I'd love really 
very much to see a real one of them by live using the VirtualT emulator.
Does anyone here have one of them?
I'm talking about a real one from the good old times, no fake or converted.
Just a real archived one image downloaded when the 10 Most Wanted service was 

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