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> Semi-off topic, but the memory management thing made me remember:
> could a program implement a jump table storing the offsets from the 
> start-of-program to the various routines and data, and then calculate 
> the jumps/branches based on the start-of-program, wherever the
> program was loaded? Would this allow for relocatable code? (I think
> I've asked this before, but I can't remember...)
The files you are looking for, buried somewhere on Club100.org:
"Relative jumps and calls.txt"

I believe that "Relative..." is an expansion to POSIND.DOC but it could
be referring to a 3rd file I don't have.

Tl;dr: There has to be a statically-placed relocator, and
there are both size and performance penalties on a machine with very
small RAM and a very slow clock...

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