I ended up printing mine out and re-arranging the pages. The FDC mode 
information was very helpful for the Sardine emulation that I wrote into mComm. 
Traveling Software created their dictionary disk using 256 byte blocks (80 
sectors, 5 tracks). Steve A. had the disk and pulled the data off for me and 
once that was done it became a matter of figuring out how Sardine switches 
between File mode and FDC mode.
The TPDD2 has a different sector access protocol which is different from the 
TPDD1 FDC mode. I've noticed in testing that Sardine will switch out of FDC 
mode and send a TPDD2 sector access request. This is VERY rare but I have seen 
it when using an old Prolific USB adapter. So there must be a way to emulate 
FDC mode with a TPDD2. I'm trying to figure that out so that mComm can respond 
to both types of requests.
So far the only info on the TPDD2 sector access protocol is on the Bitchin100 


    On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 12:08 PM, "biggran...@tds.net" 
<biggran...@tds.net> wrote:

  Awesome!!! I've not seen this before and it answers quite a few questions 
I've had.
 In the firmware, around address F0F0 there is, for lack of a better term, a 
switch/case block of code. 
 The cases are: F, G, R, W, X, A, B, C, S, D, and M
 I've not seen references to these before in any documentation, but on page 17 
of the PDF (33 of the manual), there they are!
 This will help out immensely with documenting the decompiled source of the 
PDD1 firmware.
 Now I just need to put the manual in order and do an OCR on it so it's 
 Thank you very much!
 On 8/8/2017 2:18 PM, Kurt McCullum wrote:
   On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 11:13 AM, "biggran...@tds.net" 
<biggran...@tds.net> wrote:
 Could you e-mail me your 26-3808 manual? 
 I have a 26-3808 Operation Manual for the PDD1, and the contents are very 
similar to the PDD2 Operation Manual 26-3814. So this would be new and useful.
 Thanks in advance!
 On 8/8/2017 1:14 PM, Kurt McCullum wrote:
  The manual I have is 26-3808 which details the File mode and FDC mode of the 
TPDD1. I don't know the number for the TPDD2. 26-3814 is the standard user 
manual for the TPDD2 and I've got that. I'm not sure if Tandy ever published 
something for the TPDD2 like the 26-3808 manual. If they did, I'd love to get a 
hold of it.
   On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 9:53 AM, "biggran...@tds.net" 
<biggran...@tds.net> wrote:
 I have the following:
 Tandy Portable Disk Dirve Operation Manual Cat. No. 26-3808
 Tandy Portable Disk Dirve 2 Operation Manual Cat. No. 26-3814
 If you want one of these I can e-mail them to you.
 Do you have a service manual for the PDD? If so, could you e-mail it to me, 
I'd be very interested in it as I'm working on reverse engineering the firmware 
on the PDD1 (https://github.com/BiggRanger/Tandy_PDD).


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