On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 4:33 PM, Kurt McCullum <kurt.mccul...@att.net> wrote:

> For those who have used a TPDD2 in the past, I have a question about media
> type. Do these drives prefer double density (720k) or high density (1.44mb)
> media? I've tested with both from by using recycled media from years gone
> by and both seem to work. My primary interest in the drive is to see if I
> can improve mComm but as I'm testing, I'd like to actually use the proper
> media.
> Kurt

I wouldn't want to trust HD media on a DD drive and vice versa. HD media
has pigment of a higher coercivity than DD media, and so HD drive heads
have a higher write current strength in HD mode. You should be using DD
disks in the TPDD2.

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