I was able to create a LKR file (based off of Ken's Sample.LKR), and I
did get it to compile and my .CO file gets loaded into RAM just fine,
however the LOAD & EXE addresses are way off so I know there has to be
a problem somewhere.

If anyone out there can offer a bit of guidance for using the VirtualT
IDE, particularly how to properly control the load & exe addresses for
a compiled .CO file (because it is more than just simply an ORG
statement in the ASM file), I could really use the help.


On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 1:49 AM, Gary Weber <g...@web8201.com> wrote:
> Up until now I've been doing things the "old fashioned" way and using
> an 8085 Cross assembler on my Windows PC.  (Okay, I kid..   The truly
> old fashioned way would be to use an assembler running on a Model T.)
> I'm transitioning my UltrascreenNEC project to VirtualT IDE.  I've got
> v1.7.   Problem is, it seems the documentation on the IDE portion is
> not fully fleshed out.   Does anyone have an example on how to set up
> a linker file (.lnk) for an assembly project in the IDE?  Or can you
> point me to the right docs?
> Many thanks,
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> Gary Weber
> g...@web8201.com

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