For those who are interested...
Getting a copy of the PDD1 Software Manual really helped out with the reverse engineering effort!

I've figured out a few command tables and added a bunch of documentation to the assembly source.

I've updated the reverse engineering project here:
PDD.ASM has all the important stuff.

Findings so far:
1) The code was written in assembly and hand coded, I do not believe that it was compiled from a higher level language. 2) There is nothing hidden in this code, no extra commands, no Easter eggs, nothing.
3) There is only 6 bytes out of the 4K of ROM unused. This thing is full.
4) The software manual really filled in the gaps, the only thing not documented well is the S-REC stuff to inject code into the drive, and what really happens in INIT mode.

What's next:
1) Clean up the documentation a bit more.
2) Try and find a PDD2 (working or not, but only mechanically not as I need the electronics working).
3) Try and dump the contents of the PDD2 ROM and reverse engineer that too.

Darren Clark

Below is a snapshot of the major findings and updates to the assembly documentation

*(determine what code to run from dip switch settings)*
F04C        PUL B    ;get the masked dip switch values from the stack
F04D        CMP B    0xD0    ;C is clear for 0xD0 and up
F04F        BCC    0xF081    ;Mode=operation jump to code
F051        CMP B    0x30    ;C is set for 0x30 and down
F053        BCS    0xF084    ;Mode=init jump to code - Fall over to FDC mode

*(mode = operation)*
FB4E _lookupTable_For_0xFAF8: DW 251,147 ;operation command 0x0 Create/Access a directory refrence
FB50        DW    253,2    ;operation command 0x1 Open a file
FB52        DW    252,212    ;operation command 0x2 Close a file
FB54        DW    254,112    ;operation command 0x3 Read data from a file
FB56        DW    254,192    ;operation command 0x4 Write data to a file
FB58        DW    252,115    ;operation command 0x5 Delete a file
FB5A        DW    251,122    ;operation command 0x6 Format a disk
FB5C        DW    251,114    ;operation command 0x7 Get drive status
FB5E        DW    251,102    ;operation command 0x8 Change to FDC mode

*(baud rate settings)*
FFB7    _table_BAUD_Rates:    DB    11000000B ;BAUD 9600
FFB8        DB    01000000B    ;BAUD 19200
FFB9        DB    01000000B    ;BAUD 19200
FFBA        DB    11010000B    ;BAUD 150
FFBB        DB    01110000B    ;BAUD 300
FFBC        DB    11110000B    ;BAUD 600
FFBD        DB    00110000B    ;BAUD 1200
FFBE        DB    10110000B    ;BAUD 2400
FFBF        DB    00100000B    ;BAUD 4800
FFC0        DB    11000000B    ;BAUD 9600
FFC1        DB    01000000B    ;BAUD 19200
FFC2        DB    10000000B    ;BAUD 38400
FFC3        DB    00000000B    ;BAUD 76800
FFC4        DB    00100000B    ;BAUD 4800
FFC5        DB    11000000B    ;BAUD 9600
FFC6        DB    01000000B    ;BAUD 19200

FFC7    _table_FDC_Commands:    DB    'F'    ;F = FDC Format with verify
FFC8        DW    242,173
FFCA        DB    'G'    ;G = FDC Format without verify
FFCB        DW    242,170
FFCD        DB    'R'    ;R = FDC Read one logical sector
FFCE        DW    241,253
FFD0        DB    'W'    ;W = FDC Write one logical sector with verify
FFD1        DW    242,20
FFD3        DB    'X'    ;X = FDC Write one logical sector without verify
FFD4        DW    242,17
FFD6        DB    'A'    ;A = FDC Read ID section
FFD7        DW    242,81
FFD9        DB    'B'    ;B = FDC Write ID section with verify
FFDA        DW    242,107
FFDC        DB    'C'    ;C = FDC Write ID section without verify
FFDD        DW    242,104
FFDF        DB    'S'    ;S = FDC Search ID section
FFE0        DW    243,91
FFE2        DB    'D'    ;D = FDC Check drive condition
FFE3        DW    243,200
FFE5        DB    'M'    ;M = FDC Change modes
FFE6        DW    244,0

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