bitchin100 has them linked from the REX documentation if not elsewhere.
And/or Steven Adolphs directory in the member uploads on club100.

I installed the same patched 102 rom from there on 2 100s and a 102. I
haven't noticed any problem so far from putting the 102 rom on a 100, but
there theoretically could still be something I just haven't hit.

On Aug 10, 2017 3:37 AM, "user" <> wrote:

I have patched my T102 and T200 ROMS (replaced with patched ROMS to fix
Y2K on the Menu) and I thought others might like to have the images.  I
know others have done fixes, but I was unable to locate any patched

I have a text file explaining the 2 byte changes for each of the two
machines as well.

If there is a place we can upload files such as these, please let me


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