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> You have a device that plugs onto the serial port. It also has an ethernet 
> port and perhaps WiFi.  To the M100 it looks like a floppy drive. But the 
> directory it shows is actually an sftp share out on the Internet.

Thanks for introducing this thread. I like how you're thinking.

I've recently considered a similar concept where the directory it shows is a 
Dropbox directory. I was inspired by the cool work Peter Cetinski has done to 
create a Dropbox client (which requires an external proxy server, because of 
reasons) for the TRS-80 I/III/4 line. The same concept might be tweaked in all 
sorts of interesting directions: sftp as you suggest, scp, Amazon S3 bucket, 
NFS share, Windows SMB share, etc. The device might have local storage as well.

Since I'm mostly a hardware guy, I naturally think of such a thing from the 
hardware side. I wonder how much one might be able to implement with an 
Espressif ESP32 module. It has WiFi and Bluetooth radios, enough processor 
oomph to do SSL, and it includes a user-programmable Tensilica dual core 32-bit 
processor. It's tiny and cheap. I get the feeling that developing firmware for 
it may be a bit of a semi-documented snake pit at this time. But the features, 
price and size make it look pretty compelling to me, so I'm naturally drawn to 
think about what sort of cool projects I might create with it for fun, and 
possibly even for some beer and pizza money.

I don't have the free time to take on such a project at this time. Even the 
much simpler MicroTPDD that I hope to maybe actually complete will be a stretch 
because of all of the other stuff I have going on. But some sort of advanced 
WiFi peripheral for the M100 is on my wish list, and I enjoy blue-sky dreaming 
about what it might do from time to time. Maybe I'll even make one someday... 
but don't let that stop anybody from beating me to the punch!

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