You wouldn't even need any programming, just configuration of regular stuff
that already exists.

* dlplus launched from getty
* dlplus sharing directory /foo
* directory /foo is a mount point for an nfs/smb/fish share

That's without even researching the state of dropbox-style shared/syncing
folders. There are lot's of odd watched-directory systems to sync things
similar to dropbox, like syncthing, but I don't know if there might not
even be actual non-desktop-gui sync daemons for dropbox,, google
drive, amazon s3, mega, etc...

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 12:19 PM, Mark J. Blair <> wrote:

> On Aug 10, 2017, at 07:23, Ron Hudson <> wrote:
> You have a device that plugs onto the serial port. It also has an ethernet
> port and perhaps WiFi.  To the M100 it looks like a floppy drive. But the
> directory it shows is actually an sftp share out on the Internet.
> Thanks for introducing this thread. I like how you're thinking.
> I've recently considered a similar concept where the directory it shows is
> a Dropbox directory. I was inspired by the cool work Peter Cetinski has
> done to create a Dropbox client (which requires an external proxy server,
> because of reasons) for the TRS-80 I/III/4 line. The same concept might be
> tweaked in all sorts of interesting directions: sftp as you suggest, scp,
> Amazon S3 bucket, NFS share, Windows SMB share, etc. The device might have
> local storage as well.
> Since I'm mostly a hardware guy, I naturally think of such a thing from
> the hardware side. I wonder how much one might be able to implement with an
> Espressif ESP32 module. It has WiFi and Bluetooth radios, enough processor
> oomph to do SSL, and it includes a user-programmable Tensilica dual core
> 32-bit processor. It's tiny and cheap. I get the feeling that developing
> firmware for it may be a bit of a semi-documented snake pit at this time.
> But the features, price and size make it look pretty compelling to me, so
> I'm naturally drawn to think about what sort of cool projects I might
> create with it for fun, and possibly even for some beer and pizza money.
> I don't have the free time to take on such a project at this time. Even
> the much simpler MicroTPDD that I hope to maybe actually complete will be a
> stretch because of all of the other stuff I have going on. But some sort of
> advanced WiFi peripheral for the M100 is on my wish list, and I enjoy
> blue-sky dreaming about what it might do from time to time. Maybe I'll even
> make one someday... but don't let that stop anybody from beating me to the
> punch!
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> Mark J. Blair, NF6X <>

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