The most commonly found data sheet for the HD44103 lcd driver chip on the
lcd pcb is pretty low quality and doesn't include a pinout for the QFP-44
package used in the M100.

I extracted a nicer version of the data sheet from a larger combined pdf
(Hitachi-LCD.pdf) that had sheets for several related chips, and worked out
the pinout from looking at the m100 service manual, and found an editable
SVG template for qfp-44 and assembled a new pdf for hd44103 with the nice
clean main data sheet and with a page inserted for the qfp-44 diagram. The
rest of the datasheet still refers to only the FP-60 pin numbers, but you
can ignore the pin numbers and just use the signal names VCC, X1, V1, etc...

​I extracted a nicer pdf for HD44012 also, but ​that didn't need any
additions or changes. It's just a clearer version of the same info. It
might be a little more complete. The source document Hitachi-LCD.pdf seems
to be a later version than the scanned fax looking version that you find on
most datasheet sites.


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