The T200 Ref manual on pg 4-7 Fig 4.9 shows how the keyboard is connected.   If 
the DEL, W, S, X keys are dead are the P, @, ), CTRL and F2 keys also dead?  
That would point to a fault in the row of keys either: the keyboard connector 
might of just oxidized over the years, bad diode on the keyboard or a bad M27.  
Those would be the places to start.   Pg 5-6 has a keyboard debug flowchart 
that might help too.

Or it could be the switches just need cleaning, the conductive foam in the key 
might of oxidized.  There are a couple of previous posts on a successful 
cleaning of T102 keys that might help with that process.

Taking the T200 apart is quite tricky especially removing the LCD cable cover 
and the LCD flat cable itself.  Also the screws holding in the LCD panel to the 
hinge need to go back in the same position they came from – they are different 
lengths and will crack the plastic if tightened in the wrong position.   If you 
do decide to take it apart just be careful and take your time to record where 
all the screws came from :)    If you open it up check the NiCd battery and 
consider replacing regardless of its state while the case is open.

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Subject: [M100] T200 dead keys

Hi folks,

I have a T200 which is in pretty decent working order - with the exception of a 
few keys that don't respond.  W, S, and X are dead, as is the DEL key.

Thank you to whoever supplied the maintenance manual online - this will be very 
useful once I have worked up the nerve to open up this little gem!

Has anyone had this issue before? Any advice in advance, or things to look for?

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