Greetings again, folks.  Thanks for the feedback you gave me about digital 
audio recorders, it was very helpful.  I hope you don't mind another hopefully 
quick question.
Some time ago I built an off-board power supply that could power my M100 with 4 
D-cell batteries by connecting them to the AC adaptor port.  (An idea suggested 
on this list.)  I had never actually tested it, and in hindsight, I'm not sure 
if I got the polarity correct when I wired the battery pack to the barrel 
According to one of my documents, the official Tandy AC adaptor is listed as 
"center-negative" or "center-minus".  Does this mean that the terminal in the 
middle of the barrel should be wired to the negative wire on the battery pack?

And to further indulge my curiosity, what would happen if I tried to use such a 
D-cell-based power supply if the polarity were reversed?

Thanks again,

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