I guess the thing that makes it relatively uninteresting for me is that you'll 
have to be tethered to a display of some kind, which negates the most 
attractive aspect of the ModelT, its portability; you might as well just run VT 
on a laptop.

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    And I haven't had an answer to what you want to do with it ;-)

    I'm not aware of any software that uses the 80x25 screen mode, and 
redirecting the 8x40 display through the com port to a Pi or laptop etc. is 
trivial, so what makes this worth while (other than the challenge/fun) ?

  Definitely the more doable solution for non EE’s.

  Something like Coco drivewire but more portable. Pi with battery. 

  The serial connection is certainly faster than the built in display, at least 
for scrolling text. 

  Downside is you lose the port for other purposes (tpdd access) unless you 
packet multiplex. That would mean more software tricks on model t side. 

  — John. 

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