I found it fun to buy computers from when the industry was battling with 
innovations and different form factors.  A lot of real innovative engineers out 

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Becker <ke...@kevinbecker.org> wrote:  
 “Retro” computing stuff seems to be going up in price lately. Even things that 
didn’t seem very retro to me. Look at the prices for old 486/pentium machines.  
There are some wild ideas about the value of a generic beige x86 tower. 
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 Fake to drive up prices?

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Becker <ke...@kevinbecker.org> wrote:  
 I was watching the TPDD2 and was disappointed when it went over $100 because 
one went for $60 or $70 a week ago. 
It makes no sense they went so high. It looks like to two different buyers too. 
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Check these two auctions that just ended...


How, why, WHAT??

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