It's perfectly interesting and valid as far as I'm concerned.

The only part that's annoying is that you seem to want it to work by magic
or something. You seem to hope that someone else will sit down and slog
through the long and difficult job of figuring out something complicated so
that you don't have to.

If you had actually read the available docs, and started to try to write
something, and hit some problem, I think you would find at least a few
people helping you past specific problems. But when you ask a question, are
given the answer, and say "I can't even read that." Then what else do you
expect? If you can't be bothered to work on your own idea, then why the
heck should anyone else?

I don't know how to write machine code for a m100 either, but from that
reference I at least have an idea where to start, because ai simply
bothered to read it.

If it were my project I know that the first thing I would do is learn how
to write, compile, install, and execute machine code at all. By now I
assume that there are lots of docs available about how to do that. I'd find
an example "hello world" assembly code, and find the tools and steps
required to compile, install, and run that example app. Then I'd build from
there, treating that working empty program as a stub or starting point,
perhaps next adding code to write it's own address to the special address
from the reference, to see if opening CRT: invokes my new stub routine, and
continuing to build from there.

But it's not my idea or project, it's yours. So go ahead. No one is
stopping you.


Anyway, forget it, forget I asked. I have gotten the impression that by
asking something that doesn't sound useful for the technical guys, I have
irritated those people.

Sorry guys, I won't do it again. Just drop it.

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