It's a pain but it's doable.

The pictures there don't show the process, only the final result
unfortunately. I used a sacrificial 40pin female idc connector with the
strain relief clip as a guide to hold all the split & twisted  wires into a
flat ribbon so that you can get them all arranged into the male 40pin idc
connector. I use a Panavise to crimp, not any official crimping tool.

But by clicking on the pics to get the full size ones, you can see what you
need to do.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018, 7:44 AM Chris Kmiec <> wrote:

> Just snagged a DVI off of eBay, and my understanding is that it needs a
> different cable between 100 and 102. Since the auction has a 100 bundled, I
> want to get/make the right cable for my 102s. Does anyone have
> instructions, info, etc on how to do so? Or a place where I can buy one?
> Thanks!

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