M100 service manual for sale? Here are some repair ideas.

I totally understand you preference for hard copies vs. PDF files. It is
very hard to make notes in a PDF file no matter what software you use. And
it take a LOT of time if you are making a document to share with other

Looking the binding of my M100 Service Manual it looks like it is made of
what are called "signatures" though they are not true signatures as true
signatures are sewn. The signatures in my M100 Service Manual appear to be
glued in some way like spot welding, but I have never heard of liner skip
gluing of signatures.  The signatures and drawings in my manual appear to
have been gathered together in a binding press (you can make one of these
yourself) and swabbed with a Pad/Book Compound such as LINECO's Item
411-2442 which can be found on AMAZON (
And then another layer of padding compound was added to attach the cover to
the "bound contents". Also look at "Adhesive Binding" on webpage
More information can be found if you need it by searching for book binding,
bookbinding, book repair, or or going to LINECO's website
www.lineco.com/resources.php. I DO NOT WORK FOR LINECO. I have just come
across their name on numerous websites during searches for how to repair
books. I have used their PAD/BOOK COMPOUND (ordered it from AMAZON) and it
works for making pads very well. I haven't used it to repair a book such as
a trade paperback YET, but I will be soon, after I finish unpacking and
arranging after my move to a new town and house 6 months ago. I figure I
have 6 months more to finish that work. It take a while ti figure out how
to fit everything into a new house and what shelving you need in the new
garage for that stuff. My wife and I hope this is our last house.

I sincerely doubt that any chain print shop can really help you getting
your book rebound.

Best of Luck,
Bradley Kuss

From: megarat <mega...@yahoo.com>
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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 05:30:33 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: [M100] M100 service manual for sale?
Greetings.  The binding of my venerable M100 service manual started falling
apart tonight.  Does anyone have one (in good condition) that they are
willing to sell?  If so, please contact me directly.

(I have a copy of the PDF, although I prefer hardcopies for regular use.)



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