Just wanted to share this photo. Below is a stack of five 3.5" floppy
disks. Above is a NEXBOX A95X Android TX box with the latest version of
mComm for Android. They are almost identical in size. The finishing
touch was the custom made sticker. Unlike my previous attempt, this one
has no delay problems with the USB port. Looks like the Amlogic S309X
has enough speed to overcome any USB lag. I would assume anything faster
would as well. But I did find in my research that the number of cores is
less important than the single core speed. The previous box has a single
core speed of 750mhz where as this new box is more than double that.
The cable I'm using is an FTDI cable that originally was used as a CISCO
connection cable. I cut the RJ45 end off and soldered on a DB25.
A wifi or ethernet connection  will get you out to any tenlet BBS you
may want to attach to using the virtual modem feature.
I'll be putting together some instructions on how to build one soon. 



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