I'm a bit late to the party but I use a 6V lantern battery (one of those
big cubes) and a holder designed for it.  It will last years at the
current draw that the M100 has -- in fact, the battery started leaking
before I drained all the power from it. :-)  No damage -- I removed the
battery from its holder before it could do any.

Cheers,    Bert

On 1/13/20 5:49 PM, Michael Rebar wrote:
> Hi all,
> Receiving a T102 soon and have a PC-2. Also have the Tandy hardside
> briefcase coming 
> I had the PC-2 as a kid and having the T102 will be a nice addition.
> The T102 draws 6V and 400 mA and so does the PC-2. 
> The power connector for the T102 I think in the same as the T100
> (5.5x2.1 mm) so was thinking of getting an external power pack that
> could power the T102 and the PC-2 inside the hardside case. 
> Planning to make a custom foam insert to protect the devices. 
> Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a proper
> power supply for the T102 that will not fry the circuits given the 400
> mA output maximum.

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