Hi Peter,

Actually, it has always been a free download since version 0.4 in 2004. But anyone who wishes to pay me a yearly $1000 maintenance fee is certainly welcome! ;)

Documentation update? Oh yeah, programs usually have documentation, huh? Hadn't really given that much thought.

I was thining more like bug fixes, addition of REXCPM memory support (curtsey of Steve Adolph), some TPDD updates to support 8.3 file format (for running CP/M eventually), and addition of a "Midnight" theme. I find as I get older that my eyes are more and more light sensitive, and trying to read Black on White or Black on Grey is challenging. So I am adding a feature to make all dialog boxes, menus, etc. White on Black. I have about half of the windows / dialog boxes updated so far.


On 3/25/20 3:45 PM, Peter Noeth wrote:


No problem, I realized that VirtualT was likely no longer supported once it became a free download.

At the time I was doing some development on my main computer and using VirtualT cause I had to refer to so many other PC files I have and on the internet (I often just use my T102). I use a program I wrote for my original M100 (1986) to transfer files between the T102 and PC. So when I saw that VirtualT could transfer BASIC files from its environment to the PC in ASCII format (like a SAVE"xxx",A on the T102), I used that to save the program to the PC directory my T102 files are in.

It was when I used my file transfer program to load the program into my T102, when I discovered the bug in VirtualT.

Thank you for adding the fix to the current build. I look forward to v1.8 when it is available.

BTW, Are you planning on completing some of the other features v1.7 eluded to (like cassette support), or just remove them from the feature set and freshen up the documentation?

Regards,  Peter

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On 3/25/20 12:23 AM, Peter Noeth wrote:
> Does that include bug fixes from v1.7?
> I sent Ken a PM back a while ago describing a bug I found, but got no
> response.

Sorry about that Peter, I don't even recall seeing this email or knowing
about this bug.  For a while there, my email client was dropping some
emails from the list into the SPAM folder.  it still does for a couple
of members on the list (I can't figure out why), so if I forget to go
check it every so often, things can get missed.

As far as fixing the bug, I can look into it with the next release.


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