I would suggest to first test to build your project on command line via Maven and see if there is any error...

Just try on command line:

mvn clean package

Kind regards
Karl Heinz

On 14/09/16 23:43, Shelli Orton wrote:
I recently installed Neon and have been working with a new Maven test
project. The transitive dependencies are not be resolved. I.e. when I
view either the Dependency Hierarchy or Effective POM views, the only
dependencies displayed are those explicitly set in the pom.xml. There is
an error when viewing the raw pom.xml at the top which is simply the
name of a transitive dependency jar (no other text).

I thought this might be a Neon issue, but if I open the project in
another version of Eclipse (Luna) it shows the same thing. Also, if I
open an older project in Neon (created in Luna), it resolves the
dependencies just fine. So, it must be something with the config for
this project.

Anyone know what the issue might be? I can't find any differences
between the two projects.
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