photocopy addnpass from Ray  Johnson
Please, People: What are your  opinions and judgments of the title on a piece 
of work auctioned on eBay under  this claim? 
photocopy addnpass from Ray  Johnson
I enjoy  trustworthiness in persons, pieces of paper, and in words.  Somehow 
the  Internet seems to encourage rankled people to communicate their 
resentments by  writing falsehoods.   "____," I bet you think this song is 
about  you.  
Word History:  A persistent resentment, a festering sore, and a little  snake 
are all coiled together in the history of the word rankle. "A  little snake" 
is the sense of the Latin word dracunculus to which  rankle can be traced, 
dracunculus being a diminutive of  drac, "snake." The Latin word passed into 
French, as  draoncle, having probably already developed the sense "festering  
sore," because some of these sores resembled little snakes in their shape  or 
bite. The verb draoncler, "to fester," was then formed in Old  French. The 
noun and verb developed alternate forms without the d-,  and both were borrowed 
into Middle English, the noun rancle being  recorded in a work written around 
1190, the verb ranclen, in a work  probably composed about 1300. Both words had 
literal senses having to do  with festering sores. The noun is not recorded 
after the 16th century, but  the verb went on to develop the figurative senses 
having to do with  resentment and bitterness with which we are all too  

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