MAAS Development Summary

The purpose of this update is to keep our community engaged and informed
about the work the team is doing. We’ll cover important announcements,
work-in-progress for the next release of MAAS and bugs fixes in release
MAAS versions.
MAAS Sprint

The Canonical MAAS team sprinted at Canonical’s London offices this week.
The purpose was to review the previous development cycle & release (MAAS
2.2), as well as discuss and finalize the plans and goals for the next
development release cycle (MAAS 2.3).

MAAS 2.3 (current development release)

The team has been working on the following features and improvements:


   New Feature - support for ‘upstream’ proxy (API only) - Support for
   upstream proxies has landed in trunk. This iteration contains API only
   support. The team continues to work on the matching UI support for this


   Codebase transition from bzr to git - This week the team has focused
   efforts on updating all processes to the upcoming transition to Git. The
   progress so far is:
   -  Prepared the MAAS CI infrastructure to fully support Git once the
      transition is complete.
      - Started working on creating new processes for PR’s auto-testing and


   Django 1.11 transition - The team continues to work through the Django
   1.11 transition; we’re down to 130 unittest failures!


   Network Beaconing & better network discovery - Prototype beacons have
   now been sent and received! The next steps will be to work on the full
   protocol implementation, followed by making use of beaconing to enhance
   rack registration. This will provide a better out-of-the-box experience for
   MAAS; interfaces which share network connectivity will no longer be assumed
   to be on separate fabrics..


   Started the removal of ‘tgt’ as a dependency - We have started the
   removal of ‘tgt’ as a dependency. This simplies the boot process by not
   loading ephemeral images from tgt, but rather, having the initrd download
   and load the ephemeral environment.


   UI Improvements

      Performance Improvements - Improved the loading of elements in the
      Device Discovery, Node listing and Events page, which greatly improve UI

      LP #1695312 - The button to edit dynamic range says 'Edit' while it
      should say 'Edit reserved range'

      Remove auto-save on blur for the Fabric details summary row. Applied
      static content when not in edit mode.

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed and backported to MAAS 2.2 branch.
This will be available in the next point release of MAAS 2.2 (2.2.1) in the
coming weeks:


   LP: #1678339 - allow physical (and bond) interfaces to be placed on
   VLANs with a known 802.1q tag.

   LP: #1652298 - Improve loading of elements in the device discovery page

Andres Rodriguez
Engineering Manager, MAAS
Canonical USA, Inc.
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