Yes Blake, the GUI provides only the node level events(Not at maas region
level and not overall about all the nodes), but is there any directory
where it is stored ?

Jeff, you are right.This was my questions intention.

It will be better to get the deployment log of each node in some specific
directory(may be in /etc/maas/logs/node*

In addition to that it will be nice to have the logs or mantaining
 statistics at overall maas level(Total no of node deployed, total no of
node failed in deployment , total no of node failed in specific event and
their cause etc) so that the user can get a overall idea about maas region

On 09-Aug-2017 1:09 AM, "Jeffrey Lane" <> wrote:

I think the question is something like "is there a directory on the
MAAS Server Filesystem (like /var/log/maas/) where I can find text
file logs for each node OUTSIDE maas.log and the web UI".

I had a similar thought in that it would be nice at least if the UI
would allow me to download a note's deployment logs, rather than
forcing me to copy/paste several hundred lines of text to a file.  For
example, click on the "Deployment" tab and have a simple button at the
top of the output pane that says "Download Log" which would download
NODE_NAME-Deployment.log or whatever. It would also, for debugging
purposes, be nice to have those logs saved over time.  For example, if
I am deploying a node 10 times in a row to test changes to
curtin_userdata, or to test the effects of various firmware settings
on deployments, as i have been today.  It would be SUPER to be able to
go to a node specific directory, perhaps in /var/log/maas/, and be
able to see timestamped deployment logs for NODE_NAME so I can diff
them, or grep them all, or whatever I want en masse.

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 3:01 PM, Blake Rouse <>
> I am some what confused on the question you are asking, but what I believe
> you are asking about is "node-events". "node-events" is exposed over the
> which provides all events that have occurred on a node (machine or device)
> since it has been added to MAAS.
> The same events can also be seen in the GUI on the machine details page on
> the "Events" tab.
> On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:17 AM, sachidananda sahu <>
> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> In case any compute node failed in deployment then we are able to see
>> in maas GUI and maas logs, so is there place or file, where all events,
>> statistics of different compute's data(failed in  enlisting,  failed in
>> deployment, power states and all details) so that we can have anoverall
>> about the all the compute nodes undergone different problems.
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>> Regards,
>> Sachidananda Sahu
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