Hello MAASters!

I'm happy to announce that MAAS 2.4.0 alpha 1 and python-libmaas 0.6.0 have
now been released and are available for Ubuntu Bionic.

*MAAS Availability*
MAAS 2.4.0 alpha 1 is available in the Bionic -proposed archive or in the
following PPA:


*Python-libmaas Availability*
Libmaas is available in the Ubuntu Bionic archive or you can download the
source from:

MAAS 2.4.0 (alpha1)
Important announcementsDependency on tgt (iSCSI) has now been dropped

Starting from MAAS 2.3, the way run ephemeral environments and perform
deployments was changed away from using iSCSI. Instead, we introduced the
ability to do the same using a squashfs image. With that, we completely
removed the requirement for having tgt at all, but we didn’t drop the
dependency in 2.3. As of 2.4, however, tgt has now been completely removed.
Dependency on apache2 has now been dropped in the debian packages

Starting from MAAS 2.0, MAAS now made the UI available in port 5240 and
deprecated the use of port 80. However, as a mechanism to not break users
when upgrading from the previous LTS, MAAS continued to have apache2 as a
dependency to provide a reverse proxy to allow users to connect via port 80.

However, the MAAS snap changed that behavior no longer providing access to
MAAS via port 80. In order to keep MAAS consistent with the snap, starting
from MAAS 2.4, the debian package no longer depends on apache2 to provide a
reverse proxy capability from port 80.
Python libmaas (0.6.0) now available in the Ubuntu Archive

I’m happy to announce that the new MAAS Client Library is now available in
the Ubuntu Archives for Bionic. Libmaas is an asyncio based client library
that provides a nice interface to interact with MAAS. More details below.

New Features & ImprovementsMachine Locking

MAAS now adds the ability to lock machines, which prevents the user from
performing actions on machines that could change their state. This gives
MAAS a prevention mechanism of potentially catastrophic actions. For
example, it will prevent mistakenly powering off machines or mistanly
releasing machines that could bring workloads down.
Audit logging

MAAS 2.4 now allows the administrators to audit the user’s actions, with
the introduction of audit logging. The audit logs are available to
administrators via the MAAS CLI/API, giving administrators a centralized
location to access these logs.

Documentation is in the process of being published. For raw access please
refer to the following link:

Commissioning Harness - Supporting firmware upgrade and hardware specific

The commissioning harness has been expanded with various improvements to
help administrators write their own firmware upgrade and hardware specific
scripts. These improvements addresses various of the challenges
administrators face when performing such tasks at scale. The improvements


   Ability to auto-select all the firmware upgrade/storage hardware changes
   (API only, UI will be available soon)

   Ability to run scripts only for the hardware they are intended to run on.

   Ability to reboot the machine while on the commissioning environment
   without disrupting the commissioning process.

This allows administrators to:


   Create a hardware specific by declaring in which machine it needs to be
   run, by specifying the hardware specific PCI ID, modalias, vendor or model
   of the machine or device.

   Create firmware upgrade scripts that require a reboot before the machine
   finishes the commissioning process, by allowing to describe this in the
   script’s metadata.

   Allows administrators to define where the script can obtain proprietary
   firmware and/or proprietary tools to perform any of the operations required.

Minor improvements - Gather information about BIOS & firmware

MAAS now gathers more information about the underlying system, such as the
Model, Serial, BIOS and firmware information of a machine (where
available). It also gathers the information for storage devices as well as
network interfaces.
MAAS Client Library (python-libmaas)New upstream release - 0.6.0

A new upstream release is now available in the Ubuntu Archive for Bionic.
The new release includes the following changes:


   Add/read/update/delete storage devices attached to machines.


   Configure partitions and mount points

   Configure Bcache

   Configure RAID

   Configure LVM

Known issues & work aroundsLP: #1748712  - 2.4.0a1 upgrade failed with old
node event data

It has been reported that an upgrade to MAAS 2.4.0a1 failed due to having
old data from a non-existent know stored in the database. This could have
been due to a older devel version of MAAS which would have left an entry in
the node event table. A work around is provided in the bug report.

If you hit this issue, please update the bug report immediately so MAAS

Bug fixes

Please refer to the following for all bug fixes in this release.


Andres Rodriguez
Engineering Manager, MAAS
Canonical USA, Inc.
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