Hello everybody

I have been working at an increased pace on our long overdue server platform 
changes.  I am hopeful that they will take place within the next couple of 
days.  However, there is one thing which keeps distracting me from the task in 
hand, and that is when people opt to leave the group, or to change their 
subscriber details in one respect or another.

So this is just another gentle reminder, (OK, call it a kick up the rear end if 
you like). ;-)

If you are planning t modify your subscriber options for the group, would you 
please, please, pretty please, let me know about your intended course of 
action.  Currently, I am having to continually monitor the support address 
sub-folder where we have such emails routed too so that we know when somebody 
has left the group, or otherwise changed their subscription options.  Soon, 
very soon I hope, will come the radical changes we’ve been talking about for so 
many weeks.  It has been, and still is in som respects, a massive undertaking 
because of the horrendous amount of settings, options and consequential 
database modifications which every single little change of a subscriber 

Our Open Directory database is ill, gravely ill, (I was about to say 
“Terminally” ill, but that really would be pushing my luck just a bit too far I 
think. :) But seriously, folks, we’re on the point of implosion on our current 
server.  To be totally fair, it’s been up there by itself, doing its stuff and 
serving the millions of messages which pass through it each month.  That really 
is no exaggeration, we do see millions of messages each month.  The vast 
majority of them are spam, junk, attempted relay hacks, mail bombs, mailbots 
and other little nasties.  The vast majority of messages are, therefore kicked 
into touch without us having to do a thing to have that happen.  But as I said, 
we are reaching a point where, one day soon, the database will break and I 
won’t be able to recover it, as I have so many times in the recent past.

My boss at work has asked me to take over a similar duty there because one of 
the technicians has left as of last week, leaving a hole which they cannot 
afford to fill just at present.  But I am waffling, yet again.

So anyway, please do feel free to make these changes to the subscriber pages 
for your account as you see fit.  But if you wouldn’t mind just dropping me a 
quick lie before you do so, I would be grateful.

Thank you, I shall stop there.

Kind regards

Gordon Smith, Mac Access Dot Net Support and systems specialist.

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