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Using Safari on the Mac Part 6 -- Searching Basics, Google Search and Google Snapback.

UsingSafari on the Mac Part 5. Strategies for using and customising the Reading List.

Using Safari on the Mac Part 4. Flexible Web with Sweet spots and Reader commands.

Using Safari on the Mac Part 3 Bookmarking part 2- Launching bookmarks and bookmarks folders from the Desktop / or the Dock.

Blank URL document template to use if dragging and dropping does not work on your Mac to create bookmark shortcuts.

Using Safari on the Mac Part 2 . Bookmarking Part 1 Bookmarking, organising bookmark folders and

and organising quick access to Favourite web sites through the Favourites bar keystrokes.

Using Safari on the Mac Part 1 -- The pros and cons of Quick Nav and the Web rota.

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