Well after thinking about it for a while despite things i’ve heard about bugs 
and stuff in the new update I decided to go ahead and update my mac anyway. So 
far from what i’ve observed it seems a lot more stable although there is a very 
slight lag with voice over when I am typing. it does not seem to be able to 
keep up with mee for example I have my voice over set to just words however 
when I press the space bar to start typing my next word it has around a tenth 
of a second delay before telling me the word I am typing. However this is not a 
bad thing as it gives me the chance to know if i’ve made any mistakes before 
going on to type the next word making it easier to correct things along the 
way. I am very impressed with the accessibility of iBooks now and have to say 
they’ve done good work on making that accessible. The only thing I don’t like 
about it is you can’t do your vo and a like you would to read a document for it 
to read the whole book. You’ve got to press the next page button when it’s 
finished reading the current page. I have not really explored any more of the 
features of the OS yet but will give more feedback as I do. So far though I am 
pretty impressed.

Ian McNamara
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