I am hoping someone can clarify how to create named groups of people in Apple 
Contacts on my iMac and hence allow Emailing to distribution lists in Apple 

I have about 200 contacts in iCloud in a group called “All iCloud”. I want to 
include about 10 of these contacts into a group called “Philosophy” also on 
iCloud so that the distribution list in available on multiple devices. 

So I created the Philosophy group under iCloud and copied some of the 
philosophy members into the Philosophy group. However these members now appear 
twice in my “all Contacts” list. 

So I tried moving the contacts into the Philosophy group instead. that is fine 
but I now wonder what to do if I want a member of the Philosophy group to also 
be a member of the Discussion group. 

I would appreciate any advice on the above. 

Many thanks. 

Paul Hopewell
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