Hello everybody

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am almost ready to bring the new 
servers on stream.  This will probably result in your receiving new messages 
confirming your subscription to the group.  If this happens, please don’t 
worry, you don’t kneed to do anything unless you require custom options such as 
digest message volumes. In this case, the procedure for switching between 
normal, digest and back again, has been greatly simplified in our new server 
solution.  More on that on our blog shortly.  Anyway don’t panic if you get 
these new announcement messages. Regarding email addresses, we are still 
offering them up for those who want them. Feel free to contact us. We do have a 
database containing most of the info for existing clients. Therefore, the 
transition will be smooth. I will write to you individually during the next 
couple of days.


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