Drop Apple an e-mail suggesting it.
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thanks that should help me for now.
lets hope they bring detection to the mac like on IOS
On 25 May 2015, at 8:08 pm, Anne Robertson <a...@anarchie.org.uk> wrote:

Hello Michael,

You can change the voice on the fly by pressing VO-Cmd-Down Arrow as long as you leave the voice rotor on voice. I do this all the time between English and French.



On 25 May 2015, at 11:35, Michael Marshall <mightymaggie...@gmail.com> wrote:

hey all,
something has been bugging me ever since i started using VO on the mac.
if i have a german voice installed and i find german text VO can not detect and switch to german. on IOS language dictionaries are built into VO so an iPhone can do it automatically. even if i could change languages on the fly quickly that would be better than nothing.

thanks for any help


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