I find the information below very confusing as there is a lot of punctuation and multiple " signs. Is it possible to write out this exactly as it should be written? For instance does one put all the spaces also and does one put the ;

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Hello everyone,

Here is the fix for this problem.

Open a TextEdit document and paste in the following without the quotes:

"^y" = "yankAndSelect:"; //control-y
"^\@" = "setMark:"; //control-@
"^w" = "deleteToMark:"; //control-w
"^x" = { //control-x control-x
"^x" = "selectToMark:";
"^ " = "setMark:"; //control-space
"~f" = "moveWordForward:"; //option-f
"~b" = "moveWordBackward:"; //option-b

Save the document as:

You’ll need to change the extension to .dict manually.

Go to your user library by going to the Go menu in Finder and using the VO keys to navigate down to Library.
Create a folder Called KeyBindings and put the .dict document into it.

From now on, you should be able to select text in any text editing
application by pressing Ctrl-Space to mark the beginning of the selection, and Ctrl-x-x to mark the end of the selection. Everything in between will be selected, including page breaks.



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