It is possible, but not as straightforward, as it could be. The folder has to 
be set up before moving a message. Open the mailbox in which you would like to 
save the subfolder/mailbox. Do not select an message. Tap Edit in the top right 
of the screen, and go to the end and find Create new. If you have additional 
questions, feel free to write to me privately, to avoid this triplicate email 
problem we are having on the list.

 Diane Bomar
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On May 26, 2015, at 09:49, Paul Hopewell <> wrote:

I am running IOS 8.3 on my iPhone 5S. I would like to save a received Email in 
a folder local to my iPhone with a folder name relating to the subject of the 
Email. I do this all the time using Apple mail on my iMac and it is a very 
useful facility. 

On the iPhone I tried the move button for iPhone mail which does let me move 
the mail item to one of a predefined set of mail boxes, but I could not see any 
way to create a mail box (or folder) with a name which I create. 
Is this possible on IOS and if so how? 
Many thanks. 

Paul Hopewell

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