I am running the latest Mac OS 10.10.3 on my iMac. I need to burn several 
copies of a CD containing some radio programs. 

SO I first completely erased the contents of a re-writable CD (or maybe it was 
a DVD). I then copied the required MP3 files into a folder and went to the 
context menu for that folder. I chose the burn option and the MP3 files were 
written to the CD. this CD played correctly in the CD player on my music centre 
and it also played correctly in the CD player of one of my contacts but did not 
play in the CD players of my other contacts. 

This may be because the re-writable CD was in fact a re-writable DVD which then 
plays in some CD players but does not play in other CD players. 

Is there any way I can tell whether the re-writable optical disk is a CD or a 
DVD? If it is a DVD can I somehow reformat it so that it becomes a CD? 

If it is a CD how can I burn it so that it plays in all CD players, some of 
which are several years old? 

Many thanks for any tips.

Paul Hopewell 

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