So, dear God, can anyone! anyone! at all! explain why Gordon said to modify our 
subscriptions with:

Then said, if we couldn't get it to work, to let him know,

And both of those are bouncing?  How in the hell can we modify our 
subscriptions if the address doesn't work, and, how can we contact Gordon to 
let him know, if the address he gives doesn't work either?

Folks, it's official, I've actually reported this list to my ISP as spam.  
Trust me, it takes a crapload! before I go to that extreme, and I do mean, a, 
crap! load!  I always try exhausting literally every single possibility on the 
plannet, and then, when all options are seeked with no success, I write the 
support people.  Then when that doesn't work, I google.  Then when that doesn't 
work, I ask others.  Finally, and only! then, do I finally raise a ruckus, but 
I gotta tell ya, I was irritated at Lynne and Gordon both before, but now, I'm 
absolutely furious!  This is ridiculous!  Later today, I'll be posting a blog 
entry on my web site about the horriffic management of this list so that 
potentials subscribers will know what they're probably getting themselves into. 
 I didn't wanna do this, believe me, but damn it, they have forced my hand!  
I've freaking haddit!  As I always say... That? duzzit!  Enough is enough!


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  From: Anne Robertson 
  Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2015 2:36 PM
  Subject: Re: [Mac-Access]: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Back!

  Hello Chris,

  I was only ever subscribed with one e-mail address and only to this group.



    On 3 Jun 2015, at 18:48, Christopher-Mark Gilland <> 

    I got to thinking about that whole thing with people getting multiple 
messages.  I'm definitely not, and it seems  there are some others who are not 
either.  Could it be that you are getting multiple because you're subscribed 
unknowingly under two different e-mail addresses or more?  Just a thought.


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      Subject: RE: [Mac-Access]: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Back!


      Also, just a report that I am getting more than 1 copy of each  message.  
 Is there amnyone else here getting this.


      From: barbara jones [] 
      Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 7:13 AM
      Subject: Re: [Mac-Access]: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Back!

      This does not work. I did not receive any authentication message.

      On Jun 2, 2015, at 11:14 AM, Gordon Smith <> wrote:


        Please just take a moment to modify or cancel your subscription; we 
added you all in bulk as you expressed a wish to remain part of the groups, or 
at the very least, you did not express a wish not to be part of the group.

        To cancel your membership, please write to:
        that will cause an authentication message to be sent to you.  Please 
just respond to is as indicated in the message and you’re done.

        Thank you.


        My compliments and kindest regards
        Gordon Smith:

        Accessibility & Information Technology Support Specialist.


        On 24 May 2015, at 12:43, sadam ahmed <> wrote:

        Hi Gordon, 

        I am writing this email to ask you to remove me from this list. 

        If you could remove me as soon as possible it would be greatly 

        Best wishes, 

        Sadam Ahmed 


        Sent from my iPhone. 


        On 24 May 2015, at 7:38 pm, Jackie Brown 
<> wrote:

          Hello Gordon

          Could I ask you to remove me from your groups please as I have enough 
Email traffic to be getting on with.  Since your server recovery, I am now 
receiving messages from you that I don't want to be subscribed to.

          Many thanks, and good luck.

          Kind Regards,

          Jackie Brown

          Check out my website:
          Read my EyeWrite blog:
          Follow me on Twitter: @thebrownsplace
          Skype: thejackmate

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          From: Gordon Smith [] 
          Sent: 24 May 2015 10:27
          To: Mac OSX & iOS Accessibility
          Subject: [Mac-Access]: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Back!

          Good Sunday to all

          We should now be back in business as a group, although I have some 
tweaking still to do.  But I hope you’re all well, and receive our call.

          Please don’t send “I am here’, or “I see you” to the group.  We just 
want life to resume from where it left off.

          Let’s just say we’ve had a spectacular server crash from which we 
couldn’t recover.  So we were forced to make a transition, ready or not!

          Kindest regards


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