Hello everybody

I’d just like to give you an explanation as to why some of you have had 
difficulty unsubscribing from the group.  Firstly, please understand that this 
was in no way a deliberate act on my part.

When I was configuring the list, VoiceOver did not reveal the refreshed edit 
boxes when I added your addresses.  Therefore, I thought that they hadn’t 
actually been added, so I added them again.  This happened twice before the 
boxes’ contents were displayed to me, and I thought that the job was done.

However, unbeknown to me, the addresses were added three times over.  This is 
why you’ve had difficulty and in some cases have received multiple copies of 
the messages.

Please accept my most sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  I am modifying 
the list as I speak, so that each member is only subscribed once.  I am also 
taking out those addresses whose owners have requested that I do so.

Those who have written to me threatening reprisals, (and there have been 3 of 
those), please know that I am removing you as you requested.

I acknowledge though that this shouldn’t have happened.  There should be 
error-trapping within the software to prevent it.  I am taking this up with the 
developers.  But I am also working urgently to address the issue.

Those of you who do wish to remain on the list, please don’t worry if you get 
repeated welcome messages.  If you get a message asking whether you want to 
join or not, then that is at your discretion.

I am also taking steps to restore the support address so that these issues can 
be separated once again from my own inbox.


My compliments and kindest regards
Gordon Smith:
<gor...@mac-access.net <mailto:gor...@mac-access.net>>

Accessibility & Information Technology Support Specialist.


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