Hello everybody

Several people have been complaining about unsubscription requests not being 
honoured by our servers.  Please believe me when I say that we take these 
issues very very seriously.   We have absolutely no wish whatever to spam 
anybody’s inbox, I can utterly assure you of that fact.

In light of this, I have just mace a very large amendment to our authentication 
database.  How it happened, I don’t rightly know.  But I can only presume that 
my earlier suspicion that VoiceOver was to blame.  Maybe I added you all three 
times when I thought VoiceOver was not populating the appropriate boxes in the 
database module front end.

However, as I say, I have now taken action to hopefully rectify this issue.  
The two addresses whose owners I know have requested removal, have been 
removed.  Those addresses which existed multiple times have been reduced to a 
single entry.  I hope that this change will fix the problem.

Those who are about to be unsubscribed will obviously receive this message, but 
it should be the last one they receive from the list unless they opt to rejoin.

Again, our apologies for the inconvenience.  Hopefully, this issue should now 
be resolved.  But feel free to contact us privately if not.  I am also working 
to try to reactivate the support address.


My compliments and kindest regards
Gordon Smith:
<gor...@mac-access.net <mailto:gor...@mac-access.net>>

Accessibility & Information Technology Support Specialist.


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