Darren wrote:
> M D wrote:
>> Is it possible to use 3rd party NICs with Apple DOS cards?
>> I'm using a Kingston PCI 10/100 card in my G3 and the PC compatability
>> software refuses to acknowledge it. Virtual PC on the other hand has no
>> problems with the 10/100. One area VPC has over the DOS card perhaps?
> Hi again Mike.
> Sorry to be the only person here willing but unable to help on this 
> one, are you saying that the DEC 21041 ethernet driver with vpc works 
> fine with the Kingston 10/100? Have you loaded the same driver on to 
> the card? Have you finally updated to 2.1.7 of pc-setup?

Hi Darren,

Glad for your reply. Gave me an idea to try the DEC 21041 with the PC
card too... Nope. I'm thinking that the Apple software looks for onboard
Apple ethernet only and refuses to have a bar of any 3rd party card. VPC
on the same box has no probs. There is onboard ethernet too but is
disabled or not active as I use the 10/100 speeds offered by the
Kingston PCI - maybe this is what stumps the Apple PC software. VPC is a
clear winner here, so far.

Heh, with VPC running WFW I use Farallon Ethernet [NDIS3] drivers -
works fine (but I can't recall how I came about using this). VPC running
Win 95 uses the DECchip 21041 adapter, also works great. VPC's emulation
parses these through OpenTransport without a hiccup.

I still haven't gone for the 2.1.7 extensions... maybe I should. Instead
I've been using the patch for 1.6.4 that prevents the OT error messages.

> It will be Sunday before I can get onto the mac and hopefully fix the 
> conflict between the pc-setup CP and the ATI video extentions.

Less problems than me I trust :)


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